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objects in stained glass & 3-dimensions
original granny trunk
1995 Granny Trunk
2012 Granny Trunk
2012 Granny Trunk
granny jewel chest front view
granny jewelry chest look down into
Granny's Steamer Jewelry Chest
Granny Steamer Trunks
-- Catch-alls
red granny catch-all
dark green granny catch-all
blue-green granny catch-all
brown granny catch-all
sunflower square server
Sunflower Square Server
Mosaic Inlays on Square, Hinged-lid Boxes
sunflower blue box
sunflower green box
horse red box
horse brown box
fox tan box
fox red box
The Garden Club Wildflower Octagonal Boxes
heleborus3 octo-box
death valley aster2 octo-box
sunflower octo-box
heleborus2 octo-box
scarlet flax octo-box
death valley aster1 octo-box
heleborus hinged octo-box
Helleborius Hinged Box
a curious filly octo-box
A Curious Filly
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