a moment captured in stained glass

The Predator of the Amazon

In the rain forests
of the Amazon,
this predator hunts.
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In Africa
it is the Lion,
but in the Americas,
it is the Jaguar that is
king of beasts.
stream wader #1
Stream Wader (#1)

The Stream Wader
versions 1 and 2,

  are mosaics painted in
stained glass,
and mounted on double strength clear glass so they look equally good hanging in a window or on a wall.
streamwader #2
Stream Wader (#2)
buckskin #1
Buckskin (#1)
buckskin #2
Buckskin (#2)
Bee Tree Glass's premiere release of limited edition, numbered pieces, was these Buckskin Horse Panels.

This design is about exploring the unique color variations of the buckskin horse.
buckskin #3
Buckskin (#3)
buckskin #4
Buckskin (#4)
This is the original make of this design back about 1994.

This was the piece made for the woman who commissioned the work depicting her childhood horse.
colt #1
Miss E's Colt (#1)
The original pattern glass was reused in 1995, for the first remake of the design. Notice, its the same design but with different stained glass, it is very different piece from the original.
colt #2
Horse Farm Colt (#2)
This was the third make using the original pattern glass, and was fifteen years later, in the Fall of 2010.

The change of glass makes each issue a virtually unique piece.
colt #3
Horse Farm Colt (#3)
the mt. Airy  window

These two panels were made on commission to the clients' specifications. The design templates are now in Bee Tree Glass's portfolio to be used as prototypes for future production. We refer to these as Made When You Order pieces.
Because the construction doesn't begin until the order is placed. The client may request any changes to the size, colors or design of the piece to personalize the project to one's exact needs.
So in addition to the many item we keep in ready-to-ship stock, we have a number of other pieces that are our Made When You Order inventory.
(see a made when you order emblem tag on these item types)
her pony panel
on the panels page