ivy skylight
the ivy skylight
This is a stained glass ceiling panel constructed as a replacement for open grid light dispersing panels when, during renovation, what was a corner for plants, became the new doorway into the kitchen. We do not have the expertise to build exterior skylights but interior panels below recessed lighting we have done.

(length: 5', width: 3.5' tapered to 1.75')
the rain-forest terrarium
terrarium box

A brown frosted glass was chosen for this client for this low-light terrarium. But could easily be built with any color and any transparency of glass.

Box measures 14"w X 6"d X 13"h
                       but can be resized.
the serengeti-rhino-box
rhino box
Our client wanted a graduation gift for her best friend. Her friend's work-study semester in the Serengeti; had given her a love for the area & particularly, for the Rhino. That gave me the idea for the box, but not the How. The library was my source for info on the area's folk art and the rhino. Then a quick brush-up on glass etching and etching lamination, and I was ready to build the piece. (12" x 8" x 4")
...skirts of clouds...sedonia panel
...there she wore skirts of clouds

A mosaic stained glass wall panel.

The piece was a farewell gift from her
co-workers, to a woman who was retiring from corporate life. She wished to resettle for good in her favorite get-away spot.

There, she hoped to experience her spiritual reawakening along with a calmer, quieter life in the mountains and desert valleys of Sedona, Arizona.            (22" X 14")
the elegant lady gift box

It was a gift for a woman who was retiring after a successfull career as founder and director of her company.
She was admired for being a consistently competent manager and a woman of simple elegance.
The invitation read simply:
    "An Elegant Lady Retires"
And with that, I had the image on which to build the piece.
                           (4" x 6" x 2.5")
elegant lady box
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