her first pony closeup
Her First Pony
this is a close-up detail
of the pony's head
The client emailed photos taken with her cellphone during her charge's first Riding Exhibition.
She asked for a panel of the girl's pony, like the one she had seen on the back of my business card.

•••The thing I noticed first in the pictures, was that little finger of white over the pony's left eye.
mt airy window front lit
Mt Airy Window
This client always wanted some lively color in that stairwell landing's dreary, square, fixed window.
When she found out I did stained glass, she also found someone who would make a piece based upon her sketch and in the colors she wanted.
The Young Lady's Horse
As a present to her daughter, our client wished a panel be made of her daughter's horse. She sent us photos from which we rendered our subject's Pose. We made a sketch of our piece for the client's approval. With her approval of the Sketch, we began by cutting the Glass and laying out the horse. Once the horse was cut and then assembled, we designed and built the background to complete the Panel.
dave the horse
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The Young Lad's Dog
As a prize Schnauzer show dog, Liz spent most of her time competing at shows, in grooming sessions being clipped and coiffed or pacing thru her show training.
Now, as a retired show dog, she has become fully occupied with being 'best buds' with the young lad in the household. Since the panel was to be the lad's gift, Liz was coiffed 'au natural' in her casual best which is the look he would know best.
Liz the retired show dog
shutters for 2 windows
Interior Shutters for Privacy and Light
   The rehabbers had selected which room to redo into their dining area based on several factors, but at the top of the list was the light from the setting sun that came through the two large windows.    Unfortunately, the vista from those windows was of the tarpaper roofs of the city west of their home, plus a view into the bedroom windows of their townhouse neighbors, twelve feet or so, away.
   Our solution was these stained glass shutters whose design used mostly frosted and textured art glass, clear but not transparent, in the upper three-quarters of the windows, to pass the light, but keep their privacy. The glass panels were fitted into openings created by the removal of the louvers from stock hardware store, wooden shutters.
    Unfortunately, those wooden shutters don't seem to be available anymore, so we've teamed with woodworkers who can custom-make hardwood frames sized exactly for the windows.
   The pop-up for this picture, shows these shutters redone with oak frames and a ballpark price estimate.
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