Let me tell you about the very first commission I ever got:
During his college years, a friend's son discovered Dungeons And Dragons . . .
and for Christmas, had asked for a crystal ball with a stand. My friend had found, in her son's gaming magazines, the crystal ball, but not a stand like the one he had asked for -- one with DRAGONS!

         She happened to vent her frustrations to me . . .

              and I told her about my new hobby of making things in stained glass and that maybe if she wanted . . .
         maybe I could try to come up with some kind of stained glass stand...with dragons.
1st sketch of stand
    I did a sketch:
left arrow A wooden base cut into a five pointed star, each point of the star framed by a pair of stained glass panels showing stylized dragon heads spewing flames.
  The crystal ball would rest on wooden dowels at the outer points of the star.
She approved the design. . .but to me it just didn't seem dragony enough!  So . . .
I moved the dowels to the inner star points                         
                                           so I could make the dragon panels much larger . . . 

and then I had a simple idea of how to make it even more dragony,

why not just add more dragons!
2nd sketch of stand
dragon gargoyle
"More Dragons" in the guise of weather-beaten gargoyles,
     right off of a medieval cathedral facade!

I fashioned them out of molten solder cast on to twisted-wire forms.

I gave them wings, tails and clawed forelimbs . . .
then I made them climb on the stained glass star points.

(click on the picture to see the finished stand)     
crystalball on the stand
Our client and her son were both very pleased.
As was I,
   because I found that making an originally designed, made-to-order piece,
   aimed at completely meeting a client's needs gave me not just pleasure,
                  but a very real sense of satisfaction.
There are more commissions for you to look at, and
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something you'd like to have for yourself or as a gift for someone else.
Have a look.
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